O hello there!

We are a team of a developer and graphic designer who enjoy making professional but funky stuff with interests in the future of the internet

Classically Futuristic is our place where we share what we have done and what we are doing these days, Its filled with versitile web designs , artworks , softwares & Music done by both of the teammates.

Check out all our stuff at the Blog section with helpful articles on the works!!


About Us

MyRedNeptune is a 17 year old hobbyist graphic designer and programmer from thes Russian Federation. Her interest varies from drawing vector graphics to making visual awesomeness on raster side. You would generally find her sketching something on her tablet, or creating awesomeness for SCRATCH where she currently works as a Community Moderator. Apart from her other hobbies, MRN also enjoys singing and has a wonderful voice.

Dark¥ is an 18 year old enthusiast in web development and programming from India. His love of programming envelops a wide range of languages which expands whenever the urge hits him. He enjoys letting his creativity flow into everything he does. Dark¥ also loves entertaining his many friends with his Dj stylings, and has a passion for poetry.

Together we are work-o-holic team which was formed recently as a result of MRN deciding to join Dark¥'s chats.ws project as a graphic designer. We have become close friends, and have found that our chemistry makes us a pretty powerful team. Currently, we are working on the Tapeer project (which was once known as chats.ws).

Contact Us

If you wanna send us feedback , wanna suggest us something or just want spot a bug for us or have a question kindly send us an email at djdark88.7@gmail.com
and kindly DO NOT SPAM!